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Pick an Image / image picker

This example is to show how to pick an image from a soure ( in this case, the Saved Photos )   First create the function for the Image Picker: Then this is what we are actually gonna tie up to our button for loading an image:

Creating animated labels

In this example we are creating 2 labels. Both are going to be animated, one of them twice. Please carefully examine the code: Then we call the flying Labels wherever we need it:

Creating a function

To create a basic function: Then you call it with: This would print a message “Just created my first function!” in the console. To create a function with parameters: This function will take 2 parameters – ‘a’ and ‘b’ and then return the Sum of both as an Integer value. The way […]

Creating a delay function

A delay function is something that is always useful. Uses are really countless. Here is one of the best methods I’ve come across. First you create the function: And then you just use it whenever you need to:

Adding Basic Audio with variable delayed play to your app

First you need to find the audio file you want to use and then add it to your project. Then: This is the basic function. If you have any questions let me know.