Task List App

Here is a complete example of a task list app.

Originally this was a more simple exercise on which I just decided to build on.

I have tested it it multiple times and fixed at least 20-30 bugs with it, but I am sure there are more things.

There is almost no verification against correct data input, but nothing should really cause it to crash.

However, just as a side note, I want to add that if you are using the iOS Simulator on Xcode it actually creates a new App folder

on every run. Due to this fact once you load your images, if you restart the App you won’t see them as they are now using an old path. ( this issue should not be present when running on an actual iPhone )


Very briefly, the app utilizes some or more of the following key features/functions:


  • picking an image
  • loading an image
  • saving an image
  • saving text ( String )
  • tap Gesture
  • using Navigation Controller
  • using Core Data elements
  • creating and using a DB Model
  • using Table Controller
  • formatting Cells
  • formatting currency
  • …and more

Full code and files are at my repo here:



Please  find a quick demo of the app here :


And a video: