Meme app, draft 1

Ok, this is the first draft of an app, which was supposed to be something like a Meme generator.
It was an exercise on the class I am taking with instructor Paul Solt at .

The app includes a lot of different functions and it’s a very useful experience.
There are still a bunch of bugs and issues in it that need ironing, but it is fully functional.

Some of the functions implemented in the app are:

  • image picker
  • gestures
  • applying shadow
  • adding audio
  • animating text
  • creating menu
  • using different view controllers
  • using a delay for functions
  • taking a screenshot of a portion of the screen
  • sharing function

You can find all the files at my repository here:

Repo Meme App

This is a link to a small demo of the app:

Also these are a few pictures of the app in action: